Evolve IP

2020 Partner Playbook

To our valued partners,

Thank you for taking time to review the Evolve IP Partner Playbook. We have developed this book to be a
resource for our partners to help them develop and secure cloud based revenue streams. Ten years ago,
way before the word Cloud was used to describe the solutions we sell, Evolve IP started engaging with the
market to convince them of a new way to buy technology. Back then we called those solutions Managed
Solutions or Hosted Technology. Over the past 11 years we have engaged with thousands of organizations
and developed a process to efficiently evaluate the organization’s ability and desire to implement the cloud
based model for multiple types of technologies. We hope that this playbook helps you develop and successfully sell cloud based solutions to your audiences and as always, we are here to help you.


Tim Allen 

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer and Founding Partner

To download your copy, please log into the Evolve IP Partner Portal.